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If you are short of cash and need money to pay bills, buy food, pay for car repairs, or any other expense, a paycheck advance can provide a source of the money you need until your next pay day. We are payday lenders providing cash loans to people in Omaha in amounts of up to $425.00. Access America offers the added benefit of earning points based on the completion of payday loans.

The points you earn through completing your cash advance can be combined and redeemed for prizes. We offer a wide variety of prizes that include kitchen supplies and other useful household items. Why take a payday advance from another payday lender when you can earn prizes for your cash advance loans? We have the most convenient location in Omaha to meet your needs for fast cash.

To qualify for a PayDay Advance, we require:

Please browse our website to learn more about our payday advance loans, our reward program and prizes, and print the forms you need for your cash advance loan. Please bring in a completed application and required documentation for fast cash.